Sunday, December 14, 2008

Taking a Tag From Talitha

OK, so Talitha didn't tag me, but since it's a quiet morning, I figured I'd play along anyway :


1. Go to your pictures
2. Go to the 4th file & upload the 4th picture
3. Post & tell about the picture
4. Tag 4 friends

So with that, here we go:

I met a "friend" through myspace some years ago named Mika (pronounced "mee-kuh") who is a veritable expert in the art of sewing, and a comprehensive and almost obsessive love of Manga and Anime. One of the things she does to make money for school and other things is she makes very adorable fleece hats that are based on various Anime characters or otherwise come from "Kawaii" things (Kawaii is the Japanese term for "ridiculously cute" :) ).

I got all three of my kids Mika made hats a couple of years ago and this is the one that Amber wanted, a bunny rabbit called "Mokana Chan". I had each of the kids wear their hats and I took pictures of all three of them to sent to Mika so she could put them up on her site. Amber's just happens to be the fourth on in my photo folder :).

So who might actually play... OK, here goes: Erika, Sarah, Nedra and Christina :)

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