Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Madd Money: Multi-Blog Collaboration and Free E-Book

I'm borrowing and paraphrasing this post from Blunt Money and others, since I think that, in these times of challenge and trial, it's good to be reminded of some good old fashioned common sense when it comes to living on less than we earn. She wants to spread the word and alert as many people as possible to the E-book, so that's exactly what I'm going to do :). Note that I have no content nor have I contributed to this project in any way, other than right now, and my sharing this information with others.

Jason, who runs the "Live To Budget" blog, compiled an e-book called Spend Less Than You Earn. This group of ideas and sugestions come from himself and nine additional bloggers. What's also cool is that this E-book is 100% FREE. Just right-click on the link above, then select “Save Link As…” and you are good to go.

In addition to Live to Budget, the other bloggers participating in this E-book are:

Almost Frugal
Being Frugal
Blunt Money
Credit Withdrawal
Finance for a Freelance Life
Lightening Online
My Debt Free Goal
My Super Charged Life
Simple Mom

The purpose of the E-book as stated, is that:

“bloggers who have contributed to this ebook all decided that they wanted to take control of their financial situation. Each of them came to the realisation that enough was enough — they no longer wanted to spend more than they earned, and they no longer wanted to have a large level of debt…This ebook is an attempt to collect the best information they have to pass on. Every blogger included has offered two or three of their best posts that they believe will help the reader take control of their personal financial situation today.”

Happy reading :).


SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Oh, that is exciting, I look forward to reading it. The last book I read about finances was "The Millionaire Next Door" and I loved it!

Michael Larsen said...

Millionaire Next Door is indeed an interesting book. It sort of turns the whole idea of who has money and how they got it idea on its head. Proof positive that those who are "in your face" about their wealth probab;y aren't really wealthy, and those who genuinely are, are people you would never guess to be :).

~pollyanna said...

My personal favorite is "Debt Free on Any Income"... BUT, any and all works in this genre are okay in my thinking...