Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Larsen Christmas Tradition

We've been at this for at least eight years now (I can check a little later to make sure), but since 2000, for certain, we have made the visit to "the Mall Santa" for an annual family portrait.

This all started a number of years ago with a frame that was given to us as a Christmas gift by our friends Robert and Robyn. We told them that we would make sure to put a different picture in it each year as a reminder of their friendship and what they mean to us. Every year, we get the picture shortly after the beginning of December, and we display it with the rest of our Christmas decorations until January 1st, when all Christmas decorations come doen and get put away until the folowing day after Thanksgiving, when the decorations come out and go up again. Each picture goes into a special memory book that Christina has maintained with reflections of the Christmas season that particular year.

One of these days, it will be a fun little project to scan them all into a gallery, but for now, Have a Merry lead up to Christmas 2008 with the Larsen Family and their old friend, Santa :).

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SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Cute tradition. . . email me your address and I'll get your card in the mail!!