Monday, June 15, 2009

Kids Play, Clean Water Is Distributed: Wanna’ Know More?

This month, the President of my company and his wife celebrated their birthdays and wedding anniversary in close proximity (not as close as Christina and I, but not too far away, either :) ). Many of the people in our office decided to make a contribution to a cause that they both care about and want to see grow. Since I also think it’s really cool, I’d like to share it with anyone who reads this blog, too.

PlayPumps provides clean water access to children and families in need in various parts of Africa. The PlayPump systems are innovative, sustainable, patented water pumps powered by children at play. The pumps are installed near schools and double as a water pumps and as merry-go-rounds for children.

The idea is that children, while they are playing in their schoolyard or playground, actively pump water to a receiving tank, where it is stored and then distributed to points where residents can get access to it. In many parts of sub Saharan Africa, water is truly one of the most precious resources around, and being able to drink and wash with clean water is a huge factor in contributing to a better quality of life for many people.

$300 is enough to give a classroom in Malawi playground equipment and clean water for drinking and hand washing.

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