Friday, June 19, 2009

Ego Over Matter: It’s ON!!!!

This is the running joke at work. Everyone knows that, when the multiple bags of Kroger’s Mixed Vegetables in various arrays start taking up a fair chunk of the work freezer, that Michael is “Getting Serious” (LOL!).

For those who have missed my last two summer transforms, here’s the deal. I pride myself on being an active and focused Scoutmaster, so I make a goal to “make weight” for Scout Camp every year (pshaw, and you all thought this was about my upcoming show… well, OK, yeah, it is, but camp happens before then and that’s the time I’m aiming to “make weight” for :) ). The reasons for this are many fold; first, I want to have enough energy to chase my little camp rats around and let them know that they can’t outrun me. If they go over the line, I will hunt them down (LOL!). Second, there’s a lot of walking from place to place in camp. That walking is a lot more comfortable if you don’t have to lug around a bunch of extra pounds. Third (and one of the more compelling reasons, I’m discovering) is that, since Summer Camp is in August and it’s *HOT* where we go, less adipose tissue == less insulation == less overall feeling of being hot! Seriously, that goes a *long* way with me.

Thus, recently, I went and I picked up 9 bags of Kroger Mixed vegetables in various varieties (for those who are previous readers, I walk up and over Nob Hill to go to Bell Market on California and Hyde St for my little shopping trips). I particularly like this market because they often have their $0.99 per package sales. That’s the equivalent of getting 30 pounds of food for about 15 bucks, not bad at all :). I rotate through the mixes each day, usually dousing them mercilessly with Tapatio Hot Sauce (I always go into spice overload any time I aim to make weight; maybe it’s psychological (shrug!) ).

Anyway, it’s already starting at work, people are opening the freezer…

“What in the… who loaded up the freezer?!”
“What is all this? Does anyone actually eat this stuff?!”
“Wait a minute… is Michael in attack mode again?!! (LOL!)”

Yes, much as I hate to say it, my reputation precedes me :). In any event, I have approximately six weeks in which to “make weight” and to that effect, my exercise and eating have been “kicked up several notches”. Of course I want to look good for the show, but that’s pure vanity. Not being able to fully enjoy camp? Now *that’s* torture, and one I have no intention of going through if I can avoid it!

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