Sunday, October 5, 2008

In Case Anyone Wondered...

Here's what I look like with hair.

Notice how little of it is its natural color, and how little of it still graces the top of my head (LOL!). I merely mention this because my Dad recently commented that he really liked how I looked with hair, much more distinguished and dignified. I hate so much to disappoint him... but I'm going to :)

I just wanted my kids and others to see this picture so that, whenever anyone wants to ask "why do you shave your head?", now you know why :).

As soon as General Conference ends, the hair goes bye-bye. It was fun, but I have gotten to the point where I cannot stand having hair on my head anymore. It feels competely wrong. Odd for a guy that used to cherish having lots of hair hanging from the back of his head two decades ago, I'm sure. Still, Mother Nature has forced my hand. In this day and age, if I have to choose looking like Ben Franklin or Mr. Clean, Mr Clean it is (LOL!).

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~pollyanna said...

Really, all I can say is LOL...!