Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Casting a "Vengeance" Vote?!

There's a phrase I heard today, and I like it a lot. If you poke a sleeping bear long enough, it's likely to wake up, get mad, and eat you. Well, I think the sleeping bear is the American public, the entity doing the poking is the U.S. Government, and the stick is this latest bill... you know, the one that has now caused the US to add "seven hundred thousand million" dollars to our national debt.

I encouraged people to send a letter to their representatives and senators saying not to support this bill, and if they did, they should be voted out of office. Well, the U.S. Government, against the will of 85% of the American people, have decided to ignore our request and voted the way that they wanted to, and to hang with what the people wanted. Well, that's OK, they chose to not listen to me. I understand. No hard feelings. Just like there will be no hard feelings when I vote against them in November.

See, I think this whole idea of "government of the people, by the people, and for the people" is a crock unless someone actually follows through and holds these people accountable. Thus my votes this coming election will be as follows: if you voted for this debacle of a bill, I am casting a vote *against* you. I do not care what political party you belong to, if you are a Senator or a House Representative. If you voted for this, you're going down. I encourage everyone else to do exactly the same.

I will make it very clear, I have done a lot in my life, sacrificed a lot, and make a lot of tough choices to live my life within my means. I think it is time our Government does the same. And yes, that's coming from a Democrat, just in case that's not been made apparent by my other posts in the past. I'm all for Social Justice, I'm all for helping people get a better footing when they are ready, willing and able to do something to help get there. I'm *not* going to support Government Welfare without end for individuals, companies or institutions. And I'm not going to support politicians who think that selling more pork and making more unfunded mandates on the backs of the American people just to keep their jobs are doing us any good service. That goes for whether or not you are a Democrat, Republican or an Independent, or any other party affiliation.

Thus, while I'm being a little facetious with my post title, I am going to follow through with my decision. I may write in a candidate, I may do something else, but if you are up for election, and you voted yes for this pile of junk, in my eyes, you're gone. I'm hoping enough other people are fed up enough to do the same.

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~pollyanna said...

We certainly are... hubby and I will be right there with you, voting out the reprobates! (FTR, we warned our state reps and senators too.)