Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shedding Of Innocent Stuff: The Dreaded Room, Aftermath :)

PARCA came and took all of the extra stuff away (well, at least all I could bear to part with at this given point in time, that is :) ). So how does everything look now?

The closet that had three shelves of VCR tapes and DVD's? Cleared out. Now it's just clothes... and a Styrofoam head to hold my Wood Badge regalia and preferred scouting hat... OK, I admit it, that's a little weird (LOL!).

What to do with all of the various tchotchkis? I figured they'd look good on the window sill. Well, *I* like them there, anyway :).

The book shelf after a MAJORpurge. The Samurai swords and cedar flute now look like they actually belong there :). Plus, the bunch of white storage boxes that were sitting on the side table have been relocated and are no longer front and center (thank goodness). A cork board and accordion file now act as the place to catch papers and notices.

Notice that the behemoth computer armoire is now practically empty. When I bought this big piece of furniture almost ten years ago, it housed a massive 23" CRT monitor, a Sun SPARC class server and just about every computer item I ever owned. Needless to say, I've downsized my rig considerably since then... perhaps the desk should be downsized correspondingly (jury is out on that one at the moment :) ).

The other side of the closet. Having made enough room by liberating several pairs of pants out into the wild (wow, that almost sounds suggestive (LOL!) ), I determined that I had enough room to place the office chair when I'm not using it in there. Since the computer armoire has a retractable desk surface, and since it closes up, there's no simple place to put the computer chair. Having the ability (and the room) to tuck it away in the closet is a huge space win!

And here's the odd "over the stairs" closet. The white boxes that used to be out on the bookshelves and the side table have been repurposed and put in here. Moast items either have a designated shelf or area they now belong to, and most are immediately accessible now. Truth be told, I can probably do more with this, but all things considered, this is a major improvement over what was there before :).

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