Wednesday, January 21, 2009

25 Random Things...

Twenty five random things about me (I did this on Facebook a couple of days ago, and decided I liked the list and want to keep it around :) )…

25) It takes a lot of effort for me to sleep past 4:00 AM on any given day.

24) I’m an all purposes omnivore. I’ve yet to come across a food item in general “cuisine” that I will not eat.

23) I am actively learning Japanese… I’m not necessarily doing a real good job of it or progressing rapidly, but I am actively learning it (LOL!).

22) If I ever get the opportunity to serve a “couple’s mission” with my wife, my first choice is to do it in Japan.

21) Snowboarding == breathing to me. I hope I can ride up to my dying day (and also hope that that day is *way* in the future).

20) My Facebook friends list is a bizarre cross section and culmination of my life and varied interests… good luck trying to figure out who belongs with whom (LOL!).

19) I’m “Otaku” (Manga and Anime Geek) and proud of it.

18) My current favorite band in the world is The Seatbelts.

17) I’ve been married now for 16+ years and am loving every minute of it.

16) I qualified to represent South Lake Tahoe in the Master’s Division at the USASA Nationals in 2004, but couldn’t go because I had finals for school scheduled the same week.

15) Facebook has actually helped me “reunite” with lots of people from my past, but most telling is it has reunited me with *all* of my former High Wire/Vanishing Eden bandmates :).

14) My little nephew Travis rules and I totally dig him.

13) I am excited that both of my sisters are finally engaged! I can now acknowledge the existence of the men in their lives (it’s a brother thing (LOL!) ).

12) I am torn between rolling my eyes at my son and his “emo-tasticness” and smiling because he’s actually pretty darned savvy and knowledgeable when it comes to current music. I still roll my eyes, of course; it’s a mandatory part of the “Dad Code” :).

11) My kids have willingly followed me into my obsession with Native American Pow Wows, and they are becoming rather good at their chosen dance styles (Amber does Fancy Shawl, Karina does Jingle Dress, Nick does Southern Fancy Dance, and I do Northern Grass).

10) My voice can be heard in a video game (you have to own “Karaoke Revolution Volume 3” or have an Xbox Live account, but if you play KR and load the song “China Grove”, the “guide singer” that you hear is me :) ).

9) I am a trivia geek of the highest order, and some of the obscure things I remember are a bit disturbing.

8) About half of the music on my iRiver is of Japanese origin. The other half is obscure early 80’s alternative or Native American Pow Wow songs.

7) I have a sewing machine and I’m not afraid to use it.

6) My kids are every bit as “Otaku” as I am.

5) I’m in the market for a crew cab 4x4 pickup. Is anyone selling one :)?

4) I am rabidly anti-debt. My mantra is “I don’t borrow money!”

3) I am not someone who ever does anything half heartedly. Either I could care less about something or I’m all in, usually to obsessive levels. Snowboarding, Scouting, Native American Dance, Japanese Culture, Life-Hacking, Debt Elimination, etc… all of these are truly over the top excessive passions of mine :).

2) I have a strange fixation with cleaning and organizing things, but it usually doesn’t come into play unless there’s something else mission critical that I need to do (when I was back in school, Christina always knew when finals were just around the corner, because the house became steadily and more extremely clean each day).

which leads me to the number one random thing about me...

1) I am the textbook case for Procrastination

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