Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Musings: Amber Meets A Hard Days Night

Tonight my older kids were invited to attend a Faith in God fireside at a friend’s house. Christina, in her role as Primary President and as a parent of one child who had completed the process and another who was actively involved in it, also attended. That left Amber and I at home. Amber felt a little bummed about being left home alone, so I decided to do something special... I decided to give her a screening of my all time favorite movie and see what she thought of it.

For those who have known me for any length of time, you all know that my number 1 favorite movie of all time is the Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night”. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what Amber would think of this, having grown up in an age of hyper-cuts and fast action, relentless pacing. While “A Hard Day’s Night” certainly has elements of that (it was certainly a frenetic film in its day compared to all that had come before it), it was very tame by today’s standards. Still, this is my daughter, and I figured if it was something that I loved, and Amber being so much a “Daddy’s Girl” in the sense that she seems to want to be into the same things I am into, I figured it would be a good bet that she’d enjoy it, too.

She loved it. We had fun singing along to several Beatles songs that she’d heard me sing over the years and play in the car or at home, and I could tell she was having fun seeing these songs being performed. It was also cute to see how much she liked Wilfrid Bramble (the “clean” old man that is Paul’s grandfather in the movie). She’d ask me things like “were people really like that back then?” Of course, I had to explain that I had no idea if people were really like that, as I wouldn’t be born for 3 ½ more years (LOL!), but yes, based on the film clips and television I’d seen, Beatlemania was indeed every bit like that. It was cute to see which character she responded to the most and would laugh with and about. Based on her reaction, I think George was her favorite (which, if true, again mirrors her old man… George Harrison was always my favorite of the Beatles ;) ).

It was funny to hear my other kids when they came home. While they all got to go out and spend time with their friends and attend this fireside, it was cute to see that they felt a little jealous that Amber got to have a private screening of “A Hard Days Night” with her Dad. What it told me was that they saw me sharing something that they knew I loved very much with my youngest daughter, and they wanted in on that action, too. Not to worry, kids, this is one movie I can watch a thousand times and still love it. Let me know when you want to schedule another screening (LOL!).

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That is so cute, honey!