Sunday, November 2, 2008

The ABC's of ME, ME, ME!!!

Thank you, Sarah, for the needed levity. My blog has been teetering on the "way too serious" for a bit. Good to break it up a little :).

A- Attached or Single?

Attached ~ celebrated our 17th engagement anniversary Halloween Night :)

B- Best Friend?

It's cliche, but Christina really is my best friend. Being married to her is a fantastic bonus.

C- Cake or Pie?

Tough call... Carribean sweet potato pudding is sort of in between, but it is my all time favorite.

D- Day of Choice?

Sunday, because I can tell the rest of the world to "stuff it" (yeah, I know, not exactly the best response, but I do love the fact that I have one day that I can ahare totally with the Lord and my family and tell everyone else to butt out (LOL!).

E- Essential Items?

iRiver T30 for music, Portable DVD player for movies on the train, and wheat grass braids hanging from my rear view mirror for good luck (I'm such a faux NDN (LOL!) ).

F- Favorite Color?

Hunter Green and Nuclear Orange

G- Gummy Bears or Worms?

Swedish Fish... I kick it old school ;)

H- Hometown?

Danville, CA

I- Favorite Indulgence?

Sushi. To excess (LOL!)

J- January or July?

You can't snowboard in the Northern Hemisphere in July :)

K- Kids?

Got three, adore them all, though some days are a lot more creative and interesting compared to others (LOL!).

L- Life isn't complete without?

A group hug from my kids and a kiss and snuggle with Christina (be warned, I get *very* sappy when it comes to Christina... of course anyone who knows me already knows this ad nauseum (LOL!) )

M- Marriage date?

December 5th, 1992

N- Number of brothers and sisters?

1 brother, 2 sisters

O- Oranges or Apples?

I much prefer oranges to apples. I much prefer pears to both, though.

P- Phobias and Fears?

No real phobias that I am aware of. My biggest fear is and has always been somehow not being able to take care of my family.

Q - Quiet time, what do you like to do?

read, watch various DVD's, bust out the Pow Wow craft kit and tackle some new project that I want to do.

R- Reason to smile?

White Otter danced on Saturday Night, and one of my newest Arrowman made his debut on the drum.

S- Season of choice?

Winter. Snowboarding is the clarion call to my soul (well, OK, not really, but I do dig it ever so much :) ).

T- Ticklish?

Yes, violently so. Loved ones know not to try to tickle me, because there is always the unintended consequence that I may really lash out if they try (of course, one of my favorite pleasures in the world is chasing my kids down and tickling them, so this makes me the world's biggest hypocrite :) ).

U- Unknown fact about me?

You can hear my voice in a popular video game (Karaoke Revolution, I provided the guide vocal to the song "China Grove")

V- Vegetable?

I'm a big fan of the three sisters (corn, beans and squash)

W- Worst Habit?


X-ray or Ultrasound?

Let's hope I don't need more of either! (i'm keeping Sarah's answer :) )

Y- Your favorite food?

Hmmm... that would be a three way tie between sushi, thai pompano and Indian Fry Bread

Z- Zodiac Sign?

Greek/Roman Zodiac: Saggittarius, the archer (fits my personality perfectly)
Asian Zodiac: Year of the Ram (also fits me perfectly :) )

Alright my friends, GO FORTH and MUTIPLY and share the ABC's about YOU!

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