Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shedding of Innocent Stuff: Mixer and Peripherals Find a Home

Well, it’s been a few weeks and I felt it only proper that I give an update. On the piecing out of the dreams that are Dreamtank:

The bass rig went up as a whole unit a few weeks ago. Not surprisingly, I didn’t get any takers for the whole rig. However, I did get some bites for the GK head and the SansAmp emulator, but no firm commitments or sales. Lesson learned: don’t try to see a bass rig as a full unit. Bass players are a picky lot, and they tend to like to piece out their own dream gear. This rig was my dream; it’s not likely to appeal 100% to anyone else :).

Thus a new tactic is underway this time around. I received a neat “presentation wall” from my company; they were getting rid of some older marketing materials and decided that it was either going to be thrown away or someone could grab it. I figured this was something I could use as both a backdrop for photos as well as a scrim and presentation wall for the White Otter Dancers and Singers. Thus it’s not clutter, it’s presentation material (wow, justify much (LOL!)?). Anyway, the backdrop will be well suited for photographing the individual pieces and this way I can possibly get a better hit rate for the items in question.

This past week, as I was discussing where and why I might actually keep or use the mixer and power amp set-up that I have, it became painfully obvious that I have limited use for these items in their current state or their current bulk at my house. Still, I did use them from time to time for Boy Scout or Cub Scout presentations, and they were always well received additions to the various Ward activities at my church. What was the common denominator? It was the church building itself. Who were the primary users or beneficiaries of the equipment? They were the people who met in the church. Thus with this ironclad logic, I approached the Bishop of my Ward and suggested a charitable contribution. I donate the mixer, patch bay, power amp box, cables and speakers to the Ward, and he gives me a letter saying I’ve done exactly that, with an approximate value of the materials donated. After mulling over the possibility for a week or so, he came back to me and said “yes, we’d love to have the equipment!” HOO-RAY!!!

In a way, this is a “cake and eat it, too” scenario, in the fact that I can donate the equipment to those who can use it, and for certain events that take place in the building, I can then requisition it again for when I actually need it (provided it’s in the building itself, which would be about 95% of the time).

Thus I can now cross off a good sized rolling box and a pair of reference monitors off of my list, and feel happy in the knowledge that these items have found a good home.

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