Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cleaning House and Restructuring MKL’s Muse

OK, I’ve gone back through and realized where my blogging head is at, and what tends to matter to me. Some of them just fit my random musings and general philosophy, which is hard to pigeonhole into a true theme, but there are definitely a few that come into clean focus:

Scoutmaster Mike: I post a lot about Scouting and my general involvement with my Scout Troop, Order of the Arrow and Wood Badge. Thus, I’ve decided to lump these posts together under the heading of “Scoutmaster Mike”. This way, if you don’t dig scouting posts, you can skip them (hey, I’m giving like that (LOL!) ).

The Shedding of Innocent Stuff: I’m on an uncluttering binge, and I plan to hold myself accountable in this process, so expect to see this header from time to time.

Ego Over Matter: This is all about training, fitness and nutrition, a topic I enjoy plonking on about at times, plus I like the title line and love having excuses to use it.

Madd Money: Anything I tackle or want to muse about that relates to personal finance and my general take on it will be put under this heading and this group of keywords. Plus, this allows me to milk what’s left of my longest standing online moniker (boardmadd usually gets truncated to Madd by most people, and that Mad Hatter mentality and attitude suits me just fine (LOL!).

Anything else means I can’t figure out where to put it, or it relates to church, family, home, general philosophy, what have you. Thus, I'll be going through some housekeeping and changing some titles of old posts to use these headers to better group these posts (I'm not so organized that I can say I'll do any of these on a set schedule, but I think it will help me see where I really like to put my thoughts and energies going forward.

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