Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Ode to My San Bruno

Having Lived in San Bruno now for the better part of ten years, I consider it home and home town now. For Christina, it was a homecoming when we settled in San Bruno. For our youngest, Amber, it's the only home she's ever known.

Sometimes I get interesting raised eyebrows from people when they hear that I live in San Bruno and that I love living there. Granted, San Bruno get a reputation as being a windy place, where it's often colder than other parts of the Bay Area, and where there's a layer of overcast or fog nearby or present just about every day. Some people find San Bruno's "outdoor air conditioning" to be a bother, but personally I love it. Some other reasons I love my town are:

* I'm about 15 miles south of a great city to do lots of cool stuff in (some weird people and politics at times, to be sure,, but a gorgeous place on the whole )

* I have an awesome view of the San Francisco Bay from my hill as I come down the street.

* It's easy to find work in a broad variety of industries (OK, easy is relative, but there's a lot of stuff you can do here and a variety of jobs in many industries is what I'm trying to say).

* We're ten minutes from the beach (granted, it's a north pacific beach, and you need 5 mm of Neoprene to surf it, but beach it is )

* We're just three hours from snow and snowboarding (which means I can visit it when I want to without having to live in it)

* There's a lot of biking, hiking, climbing and wilderness trails within a short walk, bike ride or drive in most cases

* Having an international airport so close by makes traveling quite nice. Having BART and Caltrain running through the city also make commuting much easier.

* We love the school that's right across the street from our house (we've had our kids attending there now for the past seven years, and we expect another five years before all of our children are finished there). this year, the Junior High oddysey begins.

* I love having the Stake Center for my church right in my town, plus two of the best Stakes I've ever been part of are within four miles of each other (I love my current one on Sneath, but will always have a special place in my heart for the San Francisco West Stake on Sharp Park Road

* It has some really terrific families here, and I've enjoyed every minute of raising my children in this town.

* See above in my initial comments, but to me, the weather is just plain awesome.

* My in-laws live just a half mile down the street from us (I'll admit I was wary of that when we first bought the house, but have since grown to totally love having them so close by. they are a tremendous help to me and my family, and I greatly appreciate all that they do for us).

So tell me, what do you like about your town :)?

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Larsen's said...

I am happy that you like "my" town. The only thing that could make it alittle bit better?

Duh, a Dairy Queen! (and yes, the one at Tanforan doesn't count)