Monday, August 25, 2008

Karina's Jingle Dress is Almost Here!!!

I've been actively involved in our Order of the Arrow Dance Team as an Advisor for the past three years, and have enjoyed my time doing it immensely. I've learned a lot about Native American dance and about dance outfits. I've made it a point to make all of the dance items that Nick and I wear, and last year I also made a Jingle Dress for Karina.

Seeing as the skill required to make the men's dance clothes doesn't require quite the meticulous level of detail necessary to make a truly spectacular outfit, I decided for the girls that I would turn to a pro. Enter my friend Lauren at Cultural Touch, a wonderfully talented craftswomen and designer, and someone with as warped as sense of humor as I have, too (LOL!).

Lauren has been a great source of information for me over the past couple of years, and when I told her of my ideas to have Karina and Amber be part of the dance team, she came up with some terrific designs for both of them. I don't think it's possible to throw an idea at Lauren that she can't come up with a stunner of an outfit with.

These are the proofs that Lauren sent to me to show me what the dress looks like (she told me her little one really wanted to model the leggings and choker and hair ties, too cute :) ):

This is a shot of the dress as seen from behind. the main dress pattern is a Chinese floral brocade, with accent pieces of different colored material and a horse motif (horses have been a symbol for Karina her whole life, so we asked that they somehow be made part of the dress).

Here's a closer look at the horse motif at the bottom of the dress.
These are the hair ties, choker and drop that is worn on the front of the dress. Again, it carries the horse motif further and really adds a sense of beauty and movement with the swaying ribbons.

The leggings, again with the horse motif.
Lauren said that these will be shipped out later today, so that we can get them in time for the Labor Day Pow Wow we'll be attending this weekend. I can't wait to se the finished items, and I cant wait to see how Karina looks in them :).

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