Sunday, March 14, 2010

Introducing TESTHEAD: My New "Professional" Blog

Well, this is something I've done some serious pondering over, ever since reading "Linchpin" by Seth Godin. I made a challenge to myself to give something back to my professional community as a gift, and that gift is a new blog I started last week. I've made a decision to go live with it and go for broke trying to create the content and make it interesting (well, as interesting as Software Development and testing can possibly be; I think it's interesting, but your mileage may vary).

If you would like to follow my new blog, I welcome you to please come and visit TESTHEAD. The subtitle of the blog is "The Mis-Education and Re-Education of a Software Tester".

I will still post updates here, but they will be less frequent. For the foreseeable future, TESTHEAD is going to be getting the bulk of my attention.

Here's to future days, and for those who have stuck with me to read this blog over the past several years, I'm not going to abandon it, but I hope that my posts that will be made here and there will be worthwhile and fun for you all to read.