Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shedding of Innocent Stuff: The New Year's day Garage Purge

This is a day of extremes. New Year's day is always spend doing the same thing. It's the day I put away all of the Christmas decorations, and I spent the bulk of the day in the garage de-junking and making the commitment to toss more stuff (it almost always requires a special trash pickup call, and today is no exception).

This day is purifying, especially since I make it a point to be especially ruthless! If there are items that I have not touched once in the course of the year, they're pretty much goners (there are of course some exceptions, items that don't get used often, but are there for a purpose, such as paint, spare lightbulbs, etc, but in general, if it's in the same place I left it last year, its not likely to be there again at the end of today :).

Time to de-junk.

Updated: Decided on a different approach to some stuff. I went out and bought six medium to large sized laundry baskets. These now reside underneath the row of cabinets in the garage, and they all have the various often used items. This way, each seasonal or often used item has a simple totle to carry it wherever, get used, then get put back. What.s more important is that, as seasons change the contents can, too. My logic is to see what makes their way into the totes, and then I will know what is actuall ygetting used throughout the year, and it will help me be a better hatchet-man during the rest of the year as well. Now, if I could only find a permanent place for my big mixing board console and the lawnmower outside of the garage, I would have finally achieved one of my long term goals; the complete and total removal of the 2nd perimeter of stuff! I'm *SO* close :)! Even more exciting, I have access to my garage's work bench again. YEE HAW!!!

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