Monday, July 14, 2008

Ego Over Matter 2008: Week 6: Weigh In and Random Thoughts

OK, here we are at the six week mark. I said if I could hit 205 I’d be happy, and if I could hit 200, I’d be ecstatic. Is there something g between happy and ecstatic (LOL!)?

Today’s weigh in had me at 202 pounds, which is two down from last week and eighteen down from the start of this crazy project. Plus I still have six days before I and a motley gang of eleven and twelve year olds leave for summer camp (one of that motley gang, of course being my own son). I will likely post something on Saturday to that effect. I’ve also decided that I like the feedback mechanism that this provides, and I’ve realized that the drama of losing it, while entertaining, isn’t nearly as important as the slightly less glamorous but much more important aspect of actually keeping it off. So y’all will still hear from me, just probably not as loud or as often, but I’m going to keep goals posted and I’m going to share my ups and downs on reaching each of them.

Two pound loss. All right, that’s what I’m talking about. Not too much to give me worries of catabolization, not too little to make me bummed I didn’t make it, just the right amount :). What makes this “just the right amount” cool is the fact that I had two fairly big parties this weekend. The first was a special Eagle Scout Court of Honor for three of the older guys in my Troop (I just recently took on the full time role as Scoutmaster, so I don’t get any credit for these boys being where they are today, but it’s my gig to throw them a party and throw it I did. I did my part by springing for the Hawaiian Barbecue chicken and rice (and oh, was it good!). One of the mom’s makes an *awesome* cake for each Eagle Court that we hold. Think I’m passing up on that action? Think again!!!

Last night we all gathered together in the old Danville homestead to celebrate my Dad’s birthday, so that meant another great dinner and another great cake. I controlled myself, but still, it felt nice after that kind of a weekend to ‘make weight”, so I’m pretty chipper this morning, to say the least.
Next week will be very interesting. I wonder what I’ll read when I come back home? Also, I wonder if some fun we’ll be having on this coming Friday Night will set me back any (LOL!). Oh well, guess we’ll just have to wait and see, huh?

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