Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pow Wow Weekend

Over Labor Day weekend, the family went to Camp Pollock in Sacramento to attend the annual CIHA Labor Day Pow Wow. This was a great weekend in that it was Amber's first experience at a weekend long Pow Wow and it was a chance for Karina to try out her new Jingle Dress. How did everyone look? Well, see for yourself :).

A cute picture of Karina and Amber with their new friend Jessica before the Grand Entry

Nick and Dad waiting to line up for Grand Entry (I had to run back afterwards to our camp site to retrieve my cuffs and armbands (oops!)

Karina showing off the Jingle Dress Lauren created for her (and yes, I think just about everyone at camp complimented her on it, too).

A good shot of Nick in a blur of Fancy dance action.

Nick taking a break and looking rather sweaty.

A cute shot of Amber out in the Arbor

Amber loves it when the "water boys" come by and give the dancers drinks :).

I love this picture of Karina in action.

Karina getting a "cool down" after a long night of dancing.

Karina and her new friend Jordan that she met over the weekend.

Amber and Karina share the winnings from the kids raffle. Just what they need, sugar late at night (LOL!)

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