Monday, December 14, 2009

My "Little" Girl (LOL!)

Sometimes in our mad rush to do stuff, we don't stop to think about the time that has passed and the milestones that are reached. Karina turned 11 two weeks ago. She's a fifth grader right now, and she is suffering from the same genetic anomaly I suffered from, i.e. "stork syndrome". Karina is taller than just about anyone in her school, male or female, so sometimes people look to her and think she is much older than she really is. It's funny, I sometimes fall into that trap as well. That's why I love the times when she acts all silly and cute to remind me that she really is still a little girl in many ways :).

We took this picture yesterday after we came home from church, and she's reminding me that she's as tall a Mom now and can wear all of Mom's clothes (which in some ways is very cute, and in others somewhat alarming). While I can admit my daughter is growing up, I'm really in no hurry for her to move the process along at any great speed, either (LOL!).

Happy Birthday, Karina :)!!!

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Jade said...

Someday she will love that height. Just gotta get through jr. high..