Sunday, April 19, 2009

Been Awhile, Time To Get Back In the Game

Sorry for the long drought between posts for those who enjoy reading this blog, but I needed to focus on some other things, and generally clear my head and get back into the groove of things. Some interesting things have been happening in my reality, many of them I'll be able to talk about in the coming days, but let's start with these:

* Nicholas turned in his Eagle Scout application last week. He's completed all of the requirements for the award, now he needs to sit for a board of review with the Council Advancement Committee. If he passes the board of review, he will be an Eagle Scout :). Here's hoping we hear news of a review quickly.

* I just finished my first course weekend as a Staffer at Wood Badge (WE3-31-09), and I have to say, I have a great Patrol (the Bobwhites are my group, and I had a lot of fun helping get them settled and develop the items for them to get into the spirit of the course and have fun with it). We convene again in 4 weeks to complete the 2nd weekend of the course. It's also been a lot of fun to have my friend Andrew C. be on course (Andrew is a Webelos Den Leader in our church's Cub Scout Pack. He's not part of my Patrol, but he's an Owl, and he has an awesome Troop Guide :) ).

* HIGH WIRE now has officially published material available. Our first foray into having our music published appears on the compilation album "Glamnation, Volume 5". Our Track "No Room in Heaven" is song number 5 on the CD. A huge disclaimer with this... many of the songs on this are straight up raunchy (which shouldn't come as any surprise to fans of 80's and early 90's hair metal), so if you are sensitive to such things, you may wish to steer clear or rip and edit your play list dramatically.

* HIGH WIRE will have their full length CD "No Room In Heaven" available to be ordered from Demon Doll/272 Records on August 22, 2009 if all goes according to plan (at least that was the last update that I received a couple of weeks ago). Once it's officially shipped, I will post updates on how to get the CD.

So there's a little bit of my immediate reality, more details on these topics and others as the days move forward.

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